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Amigour's First Wedding

A heartwarming love story about 68 year old Yelena and 75 year old Dimitri Burman who reside in Amigour's Sheltered Home in Holon.

45 years ago they had a civil marriage in the Municipality Building in Charson, Ukraine.
Dimitri and Yelena made aliyah to Israel a few years ago and Yelena decided to convert to Judaism. Yelena was renamed Leah and Dimitri was renamed Mordechai.
It was Leah's dream to have a Jewish wedding, "I love him and he loves me-so let's get married according to the Jewish law."

Amigour heard about the touching story and made all the necessary arrangements for a totally Jewish wedding, including a Chupah, a Rabbi and the breaking of the glass cup. The ceremony was held on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 in the Social Club at the Amigour Sheltered Home in Holon.

This was the first wedding that was ever organized by Amigour and that took place in an Amigour Sheltered Home.
You cannot imagine the joy and excitement of all the other residents and guests as they watched Leah being led to the Chupah.
The "young" couple had tears in their eyes and were so grateful to Amigour for fulfilling their dream.

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