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Yad Vashem’s Gathering the Fragments Program honors the memory of Holocaust victims, their families and the many Jewish communities that suffered under Nazi tyranny in World War II. In cooperation with this vital undertaking, Amigour encourages its tenants, many of whom are Holocaust survivors, to donate their personal effects, tokens and relics of those dark times to Yad Vashem, the national institute dedicated to the commemoration of Holocaust victims. By collecting the stories and keepsakes of those who survived, and in many cases the bits and pieces that belonged to those who perished and were kept over the years by surviving kin, Amigour is partaking in a momentous Jewish endeavor.

Under the program, Amigour residents donate items such as clothing with the sewn Star of David, remnants of Torah scrolls used by the Nazis as wrapping paper, the drawings of frightened children in the ghettoes and diaries relating the horrors of the concentration camps. These items are received by Yad Vashem where they are catalogued, maintained and made accessible to researchers, students and the general public.

With its participation in this commendable campaign, Amigour helps preserve both the memory of the victims and the dignity of the survivors in their golden years.