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Amigour’s Nursing Homes

There are four Amigour Nursing Homes in Bat Yam that cater to 144 chronically ill elderly who require daily assisted living aides and provide them with round-the-clock medical care that is a much higher standard than in other homes in the area. Each nursing home has 36 beds.

According to a recent report by the Israeli Ministry of Health Project Committee, there is an acute shortage of beds for the chronically ill elderly population in northern Israel. In addition, every year, at least 86 Amigour residents need nursing home care.

Amigour provides innovative multipurpose quality professional care for the elderly in their 4 nursing homes. The facilities and their staff are unique in the personal medical attention they provide to residents. For example, an on-staff nutritionist and cook prepare individualized dietary plans and meals according to patients' specific needs. An occupational therapist and doctor, who specializes in geriatric care, create individual treatment and rehabilitation plans for residents. Such treatment includes bandaging, injections, massages, inhalation therapy, and provision of medication.

The staff utilizes the most advanced medical care and residential facilities outside of a hospital environment. In addition to their individualized care packages, patients can also consult with outside medical specialists according to need. Additional staff includes a head nurse, full-time nurses, medical support staff, a social worker, an occupational and physio-therapist, as well as maintenance staff. All staff positions including day and night shifts are determined and authorized by the Israel Ministry of Health. A social worker maintains constant contact with government, municipal, and community social service organizations and also provides weekly group and individual social and psychological treatment.

Beyond their already stated commitment to excellence, professionalism, and quality care, it is the dedicated staff's warm and empathic individual treatment which creates the special family-like atmosphere which characterizes both Amigour Nursing Home’s quality care environment. The staff is also in constant contact with patients' families to encourage them to be as involved as much as possible in planned events and in the treatment of their loved-ones.