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Amigour Social Clubs

Amigour provides affordable housing for Israel’s disadvantaged elderly, including new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Holocaust survivors. With the aim to maintain the dignity and enhance the quality of life of its residents in their golden years, Amigour Sheltered Housing provides a broad array of organized social and cultural activities at its fifty-seven facilities nationwide.

This vital undertaking responds to the needs of its residents who, in their twilight years, are in dire need of personal enrichment and a sense of community. Once their housing needs are addressed, Amigour residents are encouraged to actively participate in the rich and varied social and cultural framework.

Amigour provides residents with a most vital outlet, affording them opportunities for social interaction, creative expression, enriching cultural experiences and an incentive to expand their horizons. Above all, Amigour social clubs help fill a void in their lives, enhance their self-esteem and well-being and make them feel accepted and wanted in Israeli society.

Towards this end, each Amigour housing facility provides an array of activities such as study groups, lectures, choir sessions, physical fitness sessions, music classes, field trips and holiday celebrations for up to 100 participants in organized social clubs located on site.