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Quality of Life

For over 7,500 elderly Holocaust survivors and new immigrants residing in Amigour residential facilities, Amigour is not just a building, but a true home.

It is a place where they feel safe, nourished and loved.

Why are Amigour’s Residential Facilities so Unique?

Each Amigour home has:

  1. A director and professional staff including a social worker, house mother and a social coordinator

  2. Amigour provides a wide variety of social and cultural services that enhance the quality of life of its residents

  3. Every resident in Amigour receives a “good morning” call to check if he/she is ok and has a personal distress button

  4. Social workers constantly monitor the emotional/physical state of each resident

  5. Caregiver Program

Amigour provides personal geriatric assistance to seniors in their daily activities, in household management, purchase of food and medication, assisting residents with