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Stories of Survival

  • Nama Gershgoren (Leiderman)

    Nama Gershgoren (Leiderman)

    Amigour Hagilad Sheltered Home, Nahariya

    I was born in 1933 in the village of Verkhobka, in the district of Vinica, in the Ukraine. At the beginning of the war my father, David Leiderman, volunteered for the army and was killed at the front.

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  • Yavgenya Basov

    Yavgenya Basov

    Amigour Sheltered Home, Talpiot, Jerusalem

    Yavgenia was born in 1936 in a small village in Ukraine. She was five years old when the Nazis rounded up all the village's inhabitants, most of whom were Jews, and banished them to a nearby forest that they fenced in and named Camp Kopai.

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  • Ninel Viner

    Ninel Viner

    Amigour Dagan Sheltered Home, Holon

    The memories – how do they manage to force us to go experience, again and again, what we have forgotten long ago, and how we can't escape the memories of the horror and the scars are etched into us forever.

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  • Alexander Netzer

    Alexander Netzer

    Resdient of Amigour's Derech Hashalom Sheltered Home in Tel Aviv

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  • Paulina Genosoba

    Paulina Genosoba

    Amigour Dagan Sheltered Home, Holon
    My mother led me and my little suitcase on a children’s sledge. We parted, as it transpired, forever. I never saw her again.

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  • Holocaust Survivor's War Traumas

    Holocaust Survivor's War Traumas

    Aspir Balta ( Pira) Balta is an 80 year old widow of a disabled Second World War veteran who resides in Amigour's "Neve Dekalim" Sheltered Home in Ashkelon. She is sitting in the secured area in the building during the rocket attack from Gaza.

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  • Arcadi Sobol

    Arcadi Sobol

    Amigour Haamakim Sheltered Home, Kiryat Bialik
    I was born June 14, 1930 in the Ukraine.We were a family of five – my father Shulim Sobol, my mother Masia Moaisievna, me – 12 years old, my little sister Batya aged 5, and my little brother Itzik aged 2.

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