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The Amigour Choirs

One of the main endeavors at Amigour’s fifty-seven housing projects is to provide its 7,500 elderly residents with quality leisure time. The many Amigour residents who emigrated from the Former Soviet Union come from a rich cultural background and have achieved high levels of proficiency in literature, theater and, especially, musical aptitude.

Accordingly, Amigour has formed approximately thirty choirs which meet regularly on-site throughout its extensive housing network.

Amigour’s Bat Yam Housing Project has an exemplary choir consisting of 15 singers and instrumentalists. Its rich repertoire consists of popular songs and classics in Russian, Yiddish, French and Hebrew. The choir is conducted by Michael Bassin and managed by Laura Aryev, both highly acclaimed in musical circles in their countries of origin prior to their arrival in Israel.

Apart from its regular sessions and performances at the Bat Yam Social Club, the choir also appears regularly at other Amigour housing projects as well as day care centers, music clubs and various institutions for elderly audiences around Israel.

Besides the thrill of performing and the joy they bring to their audiences, choir members understand that through their music they are making a contribution to the community. This is so vital for their self-esteem and well-being. It gives them something to look forward to, and most important a feeling of being needed.

Their audience includes residents from Amigour housing, visiting groups and missions from around the world.

There isn’t a dry eye in the audience when the Bat Yam choir sings Yiddish songs from the homeland, that includes Yiddishe Mame, Roshinkes met Mandelen and others.