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Meet the People

The 7,500 residents of Amigour’s fifty-seven housing projects have varied backgrounds. Some are born and bred Israelis whose destinies left them without the means to survive later in life; many are new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union who arrived in Israel with scant resources; and many are Holocaust survivors with meager worldly possessions who remain haunted by their horrific experience.

All these individuals have been taken in under the umbrella of Amigour’s housing network, which provides them with basic accommodations, geriatric care and life-enhancing programs that give them meaning and a sense of purpose in the twilight of their lives.

Tatiana Governman-Lasker

Tatiana was born in Kodma, Odessa. There, at the age of seven, she witnessed the atrocities of the Holocaust and managed to survive the Tsetselnik Ghetto, in the Ukraine.

Jackie Shemayev

A prisoner of Zion, Jackie helped Jews escape from Syria. He was subsequently caught and tortured until he was eventually released and escaped to the Promised Land.

Semion Rosenfeld

Semion, one of the leaders of the uprising in the Sobibor death camp, fought in the Red Army and was among the liberators of Berlin. In 1990, Semion made Aliyah with his family to Israel.

Tova Adler

Tova, at the age of 14 arrived in Auschwitz, she made her way to Israel in 1946 and was arrested and taken to the Atlit Detainee Camp.